20 Waterfall Tattoos

20 Waterfall Tattoos

A waterfall can make a powerfully symbolic and stunning tattoo for men and women. It can be designed in many remarkable styles.
Water, one of the four basic elements, is essential because there would be no life without it. It can give life or deal out vast destruction. Too much of this element results in flooding; too little, everything dies. Spiritually, water ebbs and flows much like our emotions.
Some believe that water symbolizes wisdom and adaptability to change. So balancing the water energies in and around your life is very important. Whether situated in a tropical rainforest or scenic mountain range, your waterfall tattoo will stun and inspire.
Full back hummingbird, lion and waterfall tattoo by Den Yakovlev
Otter, flowers and waterfall by Kenny Dick
Scenic Waterfall by Russ Abbott
Waterfall tattoo by Johnny Smith
Stunning realistic waterfall with lizard tattoo by Kegan-Hawkins
Waterfall and flowers by Russ Abbott
Full back tropical waterfall by Robert Bennet
I LOVE this waterfall sleeve by Sweet Laraine
Waterfall tattoo by Jeremy Buschmann
Full back black and gray by Paolo Acuna
Surreal waterfall sleeve by Csaba Kolozsvari
Tropical paradise waterfall by David Newman Stump
Tranquil waterfall by Mez Love
Gorgeous realistic waterfall with aquatic scene by Den Yakovlev
Abstract watercolor with waterfall by Gene Coffey
Waterfall with fall foliage by Barham Willams
Stunning realism by Anastasia Vilks
Eye and waterfall by Katya Slonenko
Waterfall with Birds of Paradise by Micah
Colorful waterfall sleeve by Nick Baxter
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