20 Whimsical Anatomical Heart Tattoos In Blackwork

Let your hearts pump ink with these beautiful blackwork tattoos of anatomical hearts, capriciously designed by Susanne König.
Known for her storybook style blackwork tattoos, Susanne König is particularly known among her clients as a darling when it comes to anatomical hearts. Since debuting her first design, there hasn't been a shortage of anatomical heart requests ever since—and each always as whimsical as the last. They often feature animals cozy beneath the valves and the atrium, random everyday objects, iconic tributes, and all sorts of lovely things carefully crafted by König.
Anatomical heart tattoo, cute dog tattoo #SusanneKönig
Playful anatomical heart tattoo #SusanneKönig
by Susanne König
Nature inspired anatomical heart tattoo #SusanneKönig
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