21 Science-Inspired Tattoos That Are Literally Out-Of-This-World

21 Science-Inspired Tattoos That Are Literally Out-Of-This-World

Prepare to be attracted to these galactic science-inspired tattoos more than an electron wants to attach itself to a proton.
by soltattoo
Whether you're the coolest biology teacher in your city or you're this kickass biochemist looking for a new addition to your sleeve, there's always the right style for your next science-inspired tattoo. Or maybe you're a theories-of-the-mysteries-of-the-universe buff kind of guy and you're looking for the sickest tattoo that's bound to take you to the stars then go nuts with these science-inspired tattoos from some of the finest contemporary artists right now!
by Dr. Woo
by Roman Abrego
by Marcin Aleksander Surowiec
There are more gorgeous moon tattoos here!
by placideavantia/Instagram
A breathtaking mystical sleeve which looks as if it holds the secrets of the universe.
Artist unknown.
A clever play on scientific elements to come up with this gorgeous tattoo.
by Mowgli
by adztattoo/Instagram
You better hope your tattoo artist's hand isn't as unstable as those oxygen atoms cause you would like it to turn out as sick as this side piece!
by Ben Doukakis
by Joel Rhys
Blackwork is always the answer.
by Marla Moon
by Jake Vachek
by kellykillagain/Instagram
New Jersey-based tattooer Kelly adds a tiny galaxy and one of the most beautiful equations on a client's arm.
by Lee Humphries
by kaptaincade/Instagram
Carbon molecule is the shit.
by David Duggan
Science-Inspired tattoo by Sarah Knapp
Go minimalist with small icons like these.
by Stephanie Michelle
Microbiology for the win?
by James Woodford
by Amor Tarvas
This is the chemical structure of enkephalin, the chemical released during runner's high.
Science-Inspired tattoo by Jamie Santos
Now, that's dedication.
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