23 Mouthwatering Sushi Tattoos

23 Mouthwatering Sushi Tattoos

Get your chopsticks out as we serve you these banging and del-ink-cious sushi tattoos that are bound to give you the right munchies!
by Kaos Simo
Before anything else, let me just tell you how I had some serious sushi cravings as I wrote this post. Sushi may be the most cliché Japanese dish and I won't argue with that. But no one can stop me feeling the munchies at the sight of these little rice rolls. And I won't even mind a little bit more wasabi if all sushi dishes are as good as these tattoos! DIG IN!
by Adam van Dame
by Kevin Flores
Sushi Tattoos by doskaladas/Instagram
by Carly Kroll
by Moira Ramone
by Wendy Pham
Sushi Tattoo / Margot Houwaer/Instagram
by Patrick Whiting
Done at Bad Magic Tattoos
by Greg Scott
Sushi tattoo by sayr135
Zoe's sushi tattoo
by Julia Seizure
by Jean le Roux
by Jack Puma
by Maxime Bonneau
Cute sushi tattoo by Steven Compton
Done at Speak Easy Tattoo Parlour
by Brandon Hendrickson
by Bryndon Shepherd
by andespade
Sushi tattoo by Alvaro Contreras
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