25 Nostalgic Tattoos Of Your Favorite 90s Band

25 Nostalgic Tattoos Of Your Favorite 90s Band

Let's take back the 90's with these tribute tattoos that devoted fans got for their favorite bands from the glory of the 90's.
Sublime tattoo done at Old Towne Tattoo
I'm surely not the only one who thinks that the 90's has had one great fucking time with music. There are much more to the 90's than Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. As much as we love those two, we're giving the spotlight to other good bands who emerged in the 90's.
Nine Inch Nails tattoo by Steve Boyd
by Mark Stewart
Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam was such a babe.
Jahni's Pearl Jam tattoo
Radiohead tattoo by Jay Eric
Pearl Jam tattooby Amy Surjay
Pearl Jam tattoo by Kosie Sexton
Alice in Chains lyrics by Zachary Lee Castañon
Alice in Chains lyrics by Cole Strem
Radiohead tattoo by Elcuero Miller
Radiohead lyrics by Ethen
Smashing Pumpkin tattoo by Emilynn Holler
Smashing Pumpkins lyrics by Chelsea Jane
Angie's Weezer tattoo
No Doubt tattoo by Laurence Edwards
Oasis tattoo by Mr. Preston
I myself turn up Oasis for some chill vibes.
Suzi's Oasis tattoo
Tobey's RHCP tattoo
Californication, baby.
RHCP tattoo by Andy Reach
Radiohead tattoo by Nads Skachkova
Hole lyrics by Laura D
by Brittany Mattes
And come one, you did listen to Hole.
by Sam Kiely
Blink and Green Day were both 90's babies but they haven't slowed down too much since the 90's though!
by @sam_o/Instagram
Green Day may have had American Idiot in the Y2K but they were still such a fine product of the 90's!
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