25 Ravishing Thigh Tattoo Ideas For Women

25 Ravishing Thigh Tattoo Ideas For Women

Never be afraid to wear pretty skirts or one of those cut-off shorts with these ravishing tattoo ideas we've got for you!
Ladies should never be afraid to show off those gams. But you know what's better than rocking fun, schoolgirl skirts and knee high socks? Pairing them with gorgeous, tattooed legs. And as we all know, everything's better with tattoos. The possibilities are endless but we've rounded up some of the best thigh ideas for the ladies to match, once you've found that perfect tennis skirt for a kickass tattoo to go with.
The lace garter is a classic accessory that once was reserved for hens night and at weddings. Now, it's also a popular choice for when women wanna adorn their thighs. Nothing wrong with a little lacy piece as long as you're having tons of fun with it. A white ink lace garter tattoo works too if your tattoo artist knows how to work with white ink.
Thigh Tattoo by Iain Sellar
Massive traditional American style pieces are bound to give you a fierce vibe letting everyone know you're not the girl to mess with. And besides, they're bold and beautiful just like you
by Lucas Wagner
Smaller trads are good too ,if you're not ready to commit to really large pieces.
From Tattoo Gold
A large mandala is also a good idea to give off some sensual, positive vibes on your body art. It's also difficult to go wrong with mandala designs if you choose the right artist.
by Kelly Violet
A pair of matching thigh tattoos can look really gorgeous if you settled with a great design.
But when everything else fails, go with blackwork. Crisp and clean blackwork.
Thigh Tattoo by Kyrie X
This lady mixed lace and black grey for her lovely, racy heart thigh piece. Looking sweet and sexy at the same time.
by Alice Kendall
Get organic and “girly” with floral tattoos. Even better if you get tattooers like Kirsten Holliday to do it.
Thigh Tattoo by Mikhail Anderson
The thigh is a pretty large surface of skin—perfect canvass for big pieces. If you're going for “go big or go home,” then treat yourself to a large thigh portrait.
by Yadou
It doesn't have to be realistic! Check out this girl's sketch style colored thigh piece.
Have a favorite band you just can't quite let go of? Give them that sweet tattoo space on your thigh.
Thigh Tattoo by Jessica Kinzer
If you're feeling adventurous, get out there and try on some wild tattoo styles in existence! Start here.
by Stephanie Brown
If you're looking for a large scale design but you're not up for trads then you might want to go safari zone with your thigh piece and get a tattoo of your favorite animal done.
by Petra Hlavackova
Go full-on feminine with designs like this and soft hues.
Thigh Tattoo by Diana Severinenko
We told you, blackwork is the way to go. Call on for contemporary style tattoo artists like Diana Severinenko and Okan Ockun for some ideas.
by Sashasprut
Go savage! We mean it!
by Caroline Karérine
Add splashes of colors in your black and grey.
by Jaime Navarro
If you're getting one for the meaning as much as for the style, then get something symbolic and either check out new contemporary artists or stick with classic styles.
Artist unknown.
But really though, if you're not into anything massive then you can simply fall back into severly minimalist tattoos like this one.
This is the definition of thigh tattoo #goals.
Artist unknown.
Hmmm, go naughty-cal.
Thigh Tattoo by Da Ne
Give your mandala a fresh take with dotworks and modified elements.
by Mo Ganji
Here's something for you to try not just on your thigh piece—single line tattoos.
Thigh Tattoo / Good Clean Fun Tattoo
If you've got a song in your head, get your favorite lyrics on your leg.
by sol tattoo
But if you girls really just want to have fun then go sweet South Korean, darling.
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