25 Undeniably Scottish Tattoos

25 Undeniably Scottish Tattoos

Take a trip to the great Highlands with these tattoos that show solid Scottish pride!
by Tanya Buxton
Ahhh... Scotland. Good ol' Smokey. I don't have tartan roots myself but like any other culture, the Scots have their own quirks and thrills that set them apart from the other nations in the Anglosphere. There's definitely a lot more to Scotland than their fantastic accent, bagpipes, kilts, and the whole lot, though. But aside from these awesome Scottish pride tattoos, the thing I love the most about Scotland is the fact that their national animal is a unicorn. Go ahead, look it up.
And with a motto like ‘Nemo me impune lacessit’ which is translated to ‘No one provokes me with impunity,’ you better not mess with these fun-loving Scots!
Loch Ness Monster. Artist unknown.
by Christopher Ian Henry
by Paul Rogers
by Mark Storey
by Clare Lambert
by Iness Tattoo
by Jamie Allan
by Rachel Ritchie
Jim Cameron's Cameron Clan tattoo
Thistle by Darren Bishop
by Marley Cessford
by Lucy Webster
by Harry James Goodwin
by Charli Faure
by Dan Kavanagh
by Chelsea Jane
by Lucy Webster
Paul Leslie's Scottish pride tattoo
by Alison Sidgwick
by Rich Fisher
by Sean Guthrie
by Art of Flick