30 Cute, Quirky Heart Tattoos by Nat G

30 Cute, Quirky Heart Tattoos by Nat G

One shape, endless possibilities. Who knew that one artist could come up with so many different variations of the same design?!
Nat G aka NGX Tattoo, is a tattooer working at Good Luck Tattoo in Melbourne. Known for her super feminine, ultra-adorable spin on traditional style, it's no surprise that one of her most popular designs is the good ol' fashioned heart. Regardless of how many times she's banged out this tried-and-true design though, she manages to spin each one in it's own way-creating a brand new, completely unique, adorable little masterpiece each time.
Keep scrollin' to see 30 different examples of how Nat G has managed to perfectly re-imagine her precious heart design for each lucky recipient of her gorgeous work. Bold lines, gorgeous colors and clever content- it doesn't get much better than NGX tattoos.
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