30 Very Best (Like No One Ever Was) Pokémon Tattoos

30 Very Best (Like No One Ever Was) Pokémon Tattoos

Get your favorite starter Pokémon tattooed on you to show everybody that you're one of the very best fans—like no one ever was!
by Russell Van Schaick
There's really no stopping the Pokémon fans. What can we say, we gotta be the very best (like no one ever was). The same goes with our tattoos!
And with the coming release of the long-awaited mobile app, Pokémon GO, we Pokémon trainers just can't keep calm! How on earth do you expect us to stay calm when we have a couple regions to slay at and a hundred more rare Pokémons to catch? And you can't possibly, possibly expect us to stay clam when you've got sick tattoos like these!
by Troy Slack
by Alex Strangler
Can't get enough of Alex Strangler either? Neither can we.
by Troy Slack
Know your console roots!
by Josie Sexton
by Chris Hill
by Simon Zook
by Martin Marine
by @kayatattoo/Instagram
by @surreal_tattoo/Instagram
by Nours
Callum Marsh's
Or maybe you can go minimalist with a wrist tattoo like this one.
by Troy Slack
by Thom Bulman
by Nicholas Keiser
by Tincho Bartolomeo
by brandoom
by Danny Mack
by Taylor Heald
by Kelvin Gabriel
by Courtney Raimondi
by Nicholas Keiser
by Josh McAllister
by Will Smink
by Laura Annunaki
by Fran Maldonado
by Cody Brigan
by Simon K Bell
by Tom Ruki
Gotta catch 'em all here!
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