32 Charming Sailor Moon Tattoos

32 Charming Sailor Moon Tattoos

Join Usagi and the Sailor Soldiers in saving the galaxy (in cute skirts and pretty wands, of course) with über kawaii tattoos like these!
Not all little girls grew up wanting to be Disney princesses in pretty gowns and grandiose castles, some girls wanted to fight super villains in the galaxy in super cute skirts and sparkly wands. Don't get me wrong, I love my Disney princess films but nothing does girl power quite like Sailor Moon and the Sailor Soldiers and Luna the talking cat. Plus, we really just wanted pretty school uniforms and pink wands. Girls can dream, right?
Sailor Moon fans are keeping Usagi's magical adventures in the galaxy with these charming and über kawaii tattoos.
by Kimberly Wall
by Fernando Shimizu
by Lucy Blue
by @diogoandradetattoo/Instagram
by Hori Benny
by Sarah Spread
by Sean Price
by Lucy Blue
by Abbie Williams
by Sandra Carlos
by Leah Moule
by @prettyininkfi/Instagram
by Dominic Achilles
by Mely Minion
by Laura Annunaki
by Kimberly Wall
by Joshua James
by Alex Strangler
by Maxwell Egy
by Michela Bottin
by Alison Reber
by Sarah K
by Matt Schultz
by John M. Snow
by Alex Strangler
by Jonathan Penchoff
by Marty McEwen
by Laura Annunaki
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