7 Cute & Kooky Cookie Monster Tattoos

7 Cute & Kooky Cookie Monster Tattoos

Are you a cookie monster?! Then maybe you'll dig these cute and kooky cookie Monster Tattoos!
Cookie monster tattoo
We all know that Cookie Monster from Sesame Street loves cookies. Just the sight of him makes me wanna go grab a cookie or two!
Solid and colorful Cookie Monster sleeve!
A Cookie Monster pin-up girl! What a splendid idea!
Awesome Cookie Monster cover-up Tattoo by Aviv
Keepin' it corporate! Cool Cookie Monster tattoo idea!
Check out this Cookie Monster watercolor rendition, just for a change.
Check out the texture & fur on this awesome Cookie Monster Tattoo by Cecil Porter!
Love cookies? Share with us your own cookie recipes, or your very own cookie monster tattoo! Have a scrumptious day yall!
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