8 Bloody Sexy Vampire Teeth Tattoos

8 Bloody Sexy Vampire Teeth Tattoos

There's something so seductive of blood red lips. So tempting & so treacherous! These 8 Bloody sexy Vampire teeth tattoos show you just that
Vampire Teeth Tattoo by Kyle Cotterman
Vampire & horror fans, you might fancy these vampire fang tattoos!
Just like a tattoo, vampire teeth are drenched in blood & pain! Artist unknown
Bloody Vampire Teeth Tattoo by Joshua Carlton.
Vampire legends have existed for over a millenia, most of it stemming a lot of debates whether it is fact or fiction. Well, what do you guys think?
Love the bright & bold traditional approach on this Vampire teeth tattoo! Artist unknown. Please let us know if you do!
Awesome to look at as filler tattoos! <3 Artist unknown
Reality bites, and this Vampire teeth tattoo could be a fun representation of it. Artist unknown
Cool placement for a vampire teeth tattoo! Artist unknown
Vampire teeth tattoo. Love the seductive, realistic approach on this one. Oh please don't bite me, baby! Artist unknown
Got any vampire-related tattoos? Share them with us & get featured! Good night, sleep tight & don't let the vampires bite! >:-[
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