8 Cute & Cuddly Crying Baby Tattoos

Are you a cry-baby?! If yes, these cute and cuddly crying baby tattoos are for you!
Baby punks not dead! Rebellious Crying Baby Tattoo by Paul Nycz
The Crying Baby makes a cute and totally random filler tattoo. Artist unknown
Here's an all black Crying Baby Tattoo for your blackwork collection! Done at The Last Sparrow Tattoo
Crying Baby Tattoo by Lauren B
Crying is healthy! The tears takes all the body's toxins along with it so don't hold it in, cry your heart out & you'll feel better afterwards.
Crying baby tattoo
Cute crying baby tattoo, artist unknown
Tears are necessary to keep the eyeballs moist. It contains proteins & other substances to keep the eye healthy, helping it get rid and/or prevent infections.
So cry it out, but don't dwell too long on your sorrow!
Funny crying baby tattoo, artist unknown