8 Epic Color Portraits by Josh Todaro

8 Epic Color Portraits by Josh Todaro

If you love bold color portraits then tattoo artist Josh Todaro is your man. Enjoy!!
Portrait tattoos are some of the best contemporary tattoos you will see, they take incredible skill and when done right can look truly amazing. Today there are a number of different artists who excel at portrait tattoos and stand head and shoulders above others, artist Josh Todaro should certainly be included with them. Tattooing portraits with a cool traditional/neo-traditional styling to them Todaro is quickly making a name for himself as a fine tattoo artist...he also produces some killer traditional work!!
Be sure to hit Todaro up over on Instagram and show his brilliant work some love, but right now enjoy these epic color portrait tattoos by Josh Todaro.
Clients Father Tattoo by Josh Todaro
Count Dracula Tattoo by Josh Todaro
Fox Mulder Tattoo by Josh Todaro
Furiosa Tattoo by Josh Todaro
Cry Baby Tattoo by Josh Todaro
Johnny Cash Tattoo by Josh Todaro
Tony Stark Tattoo by Josh Todaro
Traditional Ace Ventura Tattoo by Josh Todaro
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