8 Fiery Molotov Cocktail Tattoos

8 Fiery Molotov Cocktail Tattoos

These explosive Molotov cocktail tattoos will bring out your wild punkish spirit.
Weapons are very popular in tattooing, but also handmade weapons stand out! Molotov cocktail tattoos are indeed more about punk philosophy than real urban guerilla. It celebrates protesting against police forces and society. They combine a bottle of alcohol (or of poison) with badass flames. These fierce designs show a wild side, either with anger or sense of humor. Ready to put on an inked riot? Beware, these Molotov cocktail tattoos could put you on fire!
Creative one by Aleksy Marcinow.
Old school by Black Swallow.
Social protest by Eric Worx.
Cool one by Gonzalo Tintanegra.
Molotov coktail tattoos are truly punk. By Stacey Baker.
By Stephanie Chilindrina.
3D tattoo by Suvorov.
Badass Molotov cocktail tattoo by Ypso.
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