8 Fun & Random Potato Tattoos

8 Fun & Random Potato Tattoos

POTATO LOVERS, UNITE!!! These 8 fun and random potato tattoos are for you!!!
To start this off, here's a random and basic potato. This vegetable is truly one of the most loved, eaten and cooked into tons of delightful ways imaginable! Baked, Boiled, Mashed, Fried, or Whipped, this veggie won't ever fail!
Awesome potato tattoo, artist unknown.
Fun Toy Story-inspired Tattoo by Katelyn Crane, done at MD Tattoo Studio.
Mr. Potato Head is happy to hear that he's the most popular vegetable in the kingdom!
Ooh la la... would ya look at that!!
Awesome Potato chip tattoo tribute for Mom by unknown artist. Please let us know if you do!
Chips tattoos, unknown artist.
TRIVIA: Potato chips are one of the most common snacks in the world, despite the fact that it's generally unhealthy.
Tattoos by Rabbit
TRIVIA: Aside from Dairy products, Potatoes are the most consumed product in America!
Sweet small potato tattoo
TRIVIA: Back in 1995, potato plants were taken aboard the space shuttle Columbia, making it the first ever food to grow in Space!
This girl declares her love for it LOUD & CLEAR! Potatoes finger tattoo
Got veggie-inspired tattoos? Share them with us & get featured! :-) Have a nice day, and remember to eat your veggies!
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