8 Graphic Seppuku Tattoos

A form of Japanese ritual suicide seppuku was popular among samurai clans and today inspires some graphic seppuku tattoos!
Seppuku is "stomach- or abdomen-cutting," and was a form of ritual suicide by disembowelment used by the samurai. Originally reserved for the samurai seppuku was part of the samurai honor code, Bushido, and was done to ensure a samurai warrior died with honor. Either done voluntarily to stop death at an enemies hands or as a form of capital punishment when a samurai had committed a serious crime, seppuku was carried out by stabbing a short blade into your stomach and moving the blade from left to right, slicing open the abdomen. Often carried out in front of people seppuku was occasionally used when a samurai had brought shame upon himself.
Seppuku tattoos put this classic, yet gruesome, ritual into ink and create some striking Japanese tattoos in the process. Bloody and colorful seppuku tattoos are unmatched in their intensity and will leave you wanting to see more. Give these seppuku tattoos some attention and enjoy some sweet Japanese style tattoos!!
Seppuku Tattoo by Canyon Webb
Seppuku Tattoo by Elia Landi
Seppuku Tattoo by Horiyen (JessYen)
Seppuku Tattoo by Jarosław Baka
Seppuku Tattoo by Mike Reed
Seppuku Tattoo by Stanislav Malkovich
Seppuku Tattoo by Stu Pagdin
Seppuku Tattoo by Tristan Trenaman