8 Leonardo DiCaprio Tattoos That Are Winning Big Time Too!

Here's to Leonardo DiCaprio for the big Oscar win (finally)!
by indiangiver
If you've logged in somewhere in the last 24 hours then chances are you're pretty much aware of Leonardo DiCaprio's big win at the Oscars. And to say it was awesome to finally see Leo get his well-deserved award. Well, he should have gotten one in The Wolf of Wall Street, Titanic, The Great Gatsby and so on to say the least. So let's congratulate the big man for the big win!
RIP Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar memes
RIP to all the brill Oscar memes, though.
by Alex de Pase
by Luka Lajoie
by Dan Taylor
by Sergio Lagrimas
by Rob Rich
Tattoos by Bumer
by Sunny Bhanushali
by Paul Acker
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