8 Lovely Heart Mandala Tattoos

8 Lovely Heart Mandala Tattoos

Because Mandala Tattoos are popular and it's the month of Hearts, we compiled some of the loveliest heart mandala tattoos just for you! <3
Pretty tattoo by Evan Yu.
A Mandala is traditionally a circular universal pattern where the central point begins to expand into a myriad of unique patterns, designs and colors! Since it's the month of Hearts, let's make it heart-shaped for now!
It makes such a pretty tattoo especially for the ladies. Tattoo artist unknown.
There are a lot of ways one can get a Heart Mandala. It can even be extended into a chest piece!
Beautiful work by Michael E. Bennett.
Or it can be taken as it is! Pretty and simple heart mandala tattoo!
A touch of color wouldn't hurt. Lovin' this dotwork Heart Mandala tattoo by Marco Galdo.
Awesome custom-designed Heart Mandala tattoo by Jef Quintano, Good Hand Tattoo (Philippines).
As each person's heart is unique, so can your tattoo be!
Wearing your heart on your sleeve had never been this cool!
Lovely tattoo by Kirk Nilsen
Single or Taken, remember that we are all capable of giving &amp; receiving love. For the Universe itself is made outta Love!!!
Happy Valentine's to al! <3
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