8 Mindblowing Geometric Cube Tattoos

8 Mindblowing Geometric Cube Tattoos

Amazing how artists featured in this blog creatively turned a simple cube into complicated and mind-blowing geometric tattoos! WOW.
Clean and beautiful Geometric Cube Tattoo by Kamil Czapiga
A cube is a three-dimensional solid object bounded with 6 square faces. It's ideally simple, but it's a building block of more awesome stuff!
Here are a sleeve of Rubik's cube puzzles to solve! Cool Geometric Cube Tattoo by Nissaco
Kudos to Justin B on patiently completing this Geometric Cube Tattoo sleeve!
When one cube isn't enough.... here's a whole sleeve to satisfy your sights! Looks 3-D!!!
Beautiful Dotwork Geometric Cube Tattoo by Kamil Czapiga
It's also nice to take the sides apart & come up with a totally different pattern!
Freakin' amazing! Artist unknown
Awesome optical cube illusion tattoo, artist unknown
Now this one's totally badass. First, the tough placement. Next: the formation of cubes to come up with another optical illusion: The Penrose triangle (aka the impossible triangle)... that also came up with that cute 6-pointed star in the middle! Love it!
There is sacred geometry in all life, shapes and forms...
Awesome back piece reminds me of 3-Dimensional Tetris! Spectacular Geometric Cube Tattoo by Delaine Gilma