8 Mythical Yeti Tattoos

8 Mythical Yeti Tattoos

Like a bit of myth and legend? Then yeti tattoos will be right up your street! Enjoy.
A mythical Ape inhabited the mountainous Himalayan regions of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet the Yeti, or Abominable Snowman. They have been the subject of folklore and legend for centuries. Neither proven nor disproved the existence of the yeti is widely believed to be no more than regional mythology. Yet stories of yeti sightings continue to this day and inhabitants of the yeti's environment swear to its existence! Said to be taller than the average man, with thick white fur the yeti is commonly seen as a similar being to that of the Big Foot!!
Yeti tattoos are inspired by this mythical creature of legend and the stories it has inspired. Real or not, these yeti tattoos are certainly worth a looking and won't disappoint. Perfect for any fan of the mysterious or unexplained yeti tattoos are cool tattoos that you won't see everyday so appreciate them when you do!
Yeti and Big Foot Tattoos, artist unknown
Yeti Tattoo by Dan Wulff
Yeti Tattoo by Danny Reed
Yeti Tattoo by Manu Cruz
Yeti Tattoo by Seawolf Tattoo Company
Yeti Tattoo by Benny McDowall
Yeti Tattoo by Veronique Gray
Yeti Tattoo, artist unknown
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