8 Trippy Impossible Cube Tattoos

8 Trippy Impossible Cube Tattoos

Apparently, the Impossible Cube is possible as a tattoo! In fact, it makes a fun & trippy tattoo. Check this blog for awesome ideas!
Impossible Cube. Artist unknown
For those who are lovers of optical illusion and irrational stuff of awesomeness, the Impossible Cube may be a good idea as a tattoo!

The Impossible cube (aka Irrational cube) is invented by M.C. Escher and appears in a lot of artworks. Certainly, it makes an interesting subject, even as a tattoo.
Impossible Cube Tattoo by Steph Handon
Cool blackwork Impossible Cube done by Bleck Tattoo
Viewed from a certain angle, the Impossible cube seems to defy the laws of Geometry.
Impossible Cube Tattoo by Tabuns
In can be quite tricky to draw an Impossible cube, what more to tattoo one! So kudos to the artists featured in this blog!
Check out the frog details in this unique Impossible Cube by Timothy Boor
WTF! More impossible cubes!!! Awesome dotwork Impossible cube Tattoo by Gregorio Marangoni, we hope his eyes are doing fine after tattooing this!
Ahh, just some random black impossible cube. Perfect for lovers & geeks of optical illusion. <3 :-)
This lovely bird caged in an Impossible Cube Tattoo is simply BRILLIANT! Tattooed by 33Inked
Even as complicated as it looks, learning how to draw an Impossible cube IS POSSIBLE! ;-) Anyone can do it. Try it by watching this short how-to video. :-)
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