9 Chic British Female Celebrities With Tattoos

9 Chic British Female Celebrities With Tattoos

The British are known for great music, stunning models and talented actors and these chic tattooed gals are out to represent.
Girls, if you are looking for some inspiration for your first tattoo or even next addition to the collection, these stunning British female celebs have got some cute ideas for you. They are shining examples of how you can look chic, sexy and feminine with both large bold designs or more subtle ink in the right places.
LENA HEADEY: This incredible English actress has played some iconic figures on screen from Terminator's Sarah Connor to the wicked bitch queen Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones. She is a self confessed ink addict and she looks super chic with her tattoos.
Lena has a delicate floral pattern on her right upper arm
The gorgeous actress has a her upper and lower back tattooed with more floral designs and birds
Expect to see much more ink from this chic lady
RITA ORA: The British UK #1 singer is known for her killer vocal skills and also her tattoos. She has several tattoos on her arms, ribs, neck, behind the ear and hand and looks chic and classy with it.
Rita's inner arm tattoo is of Aphrodite the goddess of love
This is Rosetta. It’s based on an original piece by Alberto Vargas, who was an incredible illustrator in the 1930s
ALICE DELLAL: This Brazilian-British beautiful model is not your typical runway babe. Her half shaven haired punk rock style makes her stand out and she's also a drummer for the band Thrush Metal. No surprise then that she has some pretty punk tattoos to go with it but she rocks the feminine punk attitude with style.
Alice's ribcage tattoo of a scorpion
Her inner arm tattoo of part skeleton is pretty rock n roll
Alice has a bird skull on her left forearm the tattoo makes a striking contrast in her modelling photoshoots
KELLY OSBOURNE: This famous rock star daughter has a number of tattoos from bold to tiny and discreet. She always looks incredible and unique with her fashion choices and as well as having a killer voice like her rock star dad Ozzy she oozes rock n roll chic with her style.
With her stunning looks Kelly rocks her tattoos with class
Kelly has a large number of tattoos but not all of them are bold like this cute heart on her finger
Her latest ink on her scalp "stories" is subtle and chic
ADELE: One of Britain's most incredible voices Adele is one classy gal. She has five tattoos that are simple but elegant. All of them are in pretty visible places, her hands and wrist an one on her neck just behind the ear.
Adele's one penny tattoo on her wrist was her first
The tattoo is in honor of her Mom Penny
Adele also sports a letter A behind her ear
JOURDAN DUNN: This Brit supermodel was named an icon in 2014 and one of the top earning British models on the Forbes list. She is no stranger to tattoos and has several meaningful phrases inked on her body as well as a hamsa hand and the Egyptian goddess Isis on her back.
Jourdan's text inscription tattoo came from her first magazine cover
Jourdan has a Hamsa hand on her right forearm and the phrase "fear is not an option" on her left
CAREY MULLIGAN: Stunning and talented British actress has starred in some incredible strong female roles. She has a tattoo on her right wrist of a seagull. After her role in the 2015 suffragette about the early feminist movement she added the phrase "love that overcometh" to her bird tattoo to commemorate the film and the suffragette movement.
Classical beauty Carey and her subtle tattoo
The phrase from the suffragette magazine that inspired her tattoo
ROSIE HUNTINGTON WHITELY: Transformer's star and gorgeous Victoria's Secret Angel has looks to make men melt and hair women would kill for. She also has a couple of dainty tattoos including a heart on one wrist and a hummingbird on the other.
The blonde bombshell looks super chic on the red carpet with her tiny tattoo on show
It looks stunning on her in her modelling shoot
SIENNA MILLER: This actress, model and fashion designer has quite a few tattoos on her body but all of them small and discreet. She keeps her femininity and chicness on the red carpet.
Sienna has a traditional style swallow on her wrist
Her three green stars represent her break into stardom
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