9 People Who Prove You Are Never Too Old To Get Your First Tattoo

9 People Who Prove You Are Never Too Old To Get Your First Tattoo

Some people think tattoos are for the young and foolish but these guys are proving you are never too old to get inked.
How many people have asked the same question about people with tattoos "What do you think you'll look like at 60?" But the truth is so many more people are getting tattooed we'll all be old and tattooed together and even the age people are getting them done is changing too. As tattoos become more acceptable these days people who previously thought they were taboo or might ruin their work prospects have changed their minds and taken the plunge, many of them getting their first ink over the age of 50. Many tattoo artists find much older customers walking through their door every day and that number is increasing.
Check out this short video about a young spirited New Yorker Lauren Ezersky who walked into Ami James' shop for her 6th tattoo and says she's a work in progress.
There are many men and women over 50 who are enjoying getting a tattoo for the first time or even adding to the collection they have. Tattoos were maybe once thought of something wild you do when you are "young and stupid" but with the ever increasing number of highly skilled artists and available options for tattoos it has never been more of an art form for anyone who wants one more than now. Lauren is not the only one to say no matter your age live how you want and get tattooed.
Margret Bierma, 50 got her first tattoo for her 50th birthday after she saw her daughter getting tattooed. She was fascinated by the three hour session her daughter was doing but at first never thought she'd do the same. Then it was her husband's turn and that's gave her the push to get her own.
Margret Bierma got her first tattoo at 50
Dave Forties is now 65. He spent 28 years in the Army and although he liked tattoos knew that in the Army it was frowned upon in his day. When he retired there was no reason not to go for it so that's exactly what he did. An avid collector of Japanese porcelain he decided to use that design for his inspiration and now has an oriental style full sleeve and chest ink.
Photo by Marlon Correa
When Joanne Keith 55 was younger tattoos were illegal in her state Massachusetts so she traveled to another state to get her tattoos. When she was 50 a date with a guy to a tattoo parlor made her hunger for more ink and she kept on going. Her right arm is pretty full of tattoos as well as her lower back with sugar skulls and roses. When anyone asks about what will people think when she's 70 this is her reply "When I am in the old folks' home and someone is giving me a sponge bath, they will roll me over and say to a colleague ...'Look at this one, I bet she was fun.'
Joanne Keith has a number of tattoos on her right arm
Joanne Keith's lower back tattoo
Darlene Nash is a grandmother who got her first tattoo at Dragon Moon Tattoo Studio aged 57. She had thought about getting tattooed before and she said “When I was young, I worried about what other people thought, but as I got older I didn’t care,” Nash said. “I think with maturity comes a certain level of confidence.”
Darlene Nash at her tattoo session in Dragon Moon tattoo. Photo by Sarah L. Voisin
Her first tattoo finished Photo by Sarah L. Voisin
Arthur Burch's tattoo story is simply amazing. His latest tattoo was a gift to his wife Patti to show just how much he loves her. On their 59th anniversary Arthur tattooed Patti's portrait as she is now. His wife suffers from Alzheimer's and is in a home. He got the tattoo of her with their wedding dates so that she will always see how special she is to him, even if she doesn't always remember him. The tattoo is over his heart.
The couple celebrated 59 long years of marriage
Arthur also has a tattoo for his wife Patti. The purple ribbon is in support of Alzheimer's research
Patti's portrait and their wedding dates are permanently etched on his heart
Ken Presley, 65 started his tattoos with his wife after she retired and her co-workers got her a tattoo gift certificate as a leaving present. She was really up for the idea but a little scared so Ken went with her and got one too. Now he's on three tattoos and planning to get more very soon.
Ken Presley is just beginning his tattoo journey
Candice Karu's fist tattoo on her shoulder was done at age 40. Her kids were pretty shocked at the time but since then she has had an additional tattoo on her forearm. The tattoo is of two hearts entwined a symbol of The Order of the Unified heart and she got it inked around her 60th birthday. He daughter now all grown up got the exact same tattoo to match her Mom.
Candace Karu, 63 is a tattooed crossfit mom
Melinda Green retired from the United State Postal Service at age 57 and decided to get her first tattoo after debating it for many years. Since that first taste of ink over 8 years she has now added 5 more to her collection.
Melinda Green's foot tattoo one of six designs she got after retirement
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