Awe-Inspiring Neo Traditional Tattoos By Sam Smith

Awe-Inspiring Neo Traditional Tattoos By Sam Smith

If you want to see some rad neo traditional tattoos, you must check the work of Sam Smith!
Samantha Smith, also known as Sam Smith, is a tattoo artist at Scythe & Spade tattoo shop. Based in Calgary, Canada, she specializes in jaw-dropping neo traditional tattoos. Her style is bold and intricate. Let's say it: it's absolutely badass! With gorgeous choices of colors, she creates large scale designs with charming natural elements. Her ladies are especially impressive, a mix of elegance and strength.
They are always mysterious and bewitching. Neo traditional tattoo style lovers will fall in love with the work of Sam Smith!
Gorgeous horse.
Outstanding chestpiece!
Badass lady!
Gorgeous tiger tattoo...
A lucky art lover!
Great magpie and poppies...
Amazing Athena!
Ornated wolf.
Also fantastic in black and grey.
Another fancy horse.
Neo trad Princess Mononoke.
Cool witch.
Hypnotizing Egyptian goddess...
Impressive backpiece!
Sam Smith's horses are really elegant.
Rad Medusa...
Jaw-dropping piece!!!
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