Awesome Neo Traditional Tattoos by Conor Wearn

Awesome Neo Traditional Tattoos by Conor Wearn

Incredible drawing skill and beautiful colors make up these awesome tattoos by Conor Wearn!
Conor Wearn is a tattoo artist from Australia. His work is a refined take on neo traditional or new traditional as others would call it. Conor Wearn's use of bold and fine lines in his work make the tattoos more visually appealing. The saturation of colors in his tattoos are also executed smoothly.
Rabbit tattoo by Conor Wearn
Cool details on this tattoo by Conor Wearn.
Awesome girl head with raven. Tattoo by Conor Wearn.
Tattoo by Conor Wearn
Forearm gentleman black and gray tattoo by Conor Wearn
Cool girl head tattoo by Conor Wearn
Captain and compass tattoo on leg by Conor Wearn
Brutal spot to get tattooed! Awesome tattoo in progress by Conor Wearn!
Cool progress on this sleeve by Conor Wearn
Hawk on hand tattoo by Conor Wearn
Skull and bird cowl detail on sleeve by Conor Wearn
Insane girl head and skull by Conor Wearn.
All photos from Conor Wearn @conorwearn
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