Beauty & Brains: Melissa Lynn Gee of MoldieGoldies

A super sexy clothing brand, MoldieGoldies and the heavily tattooed boss behind it; Melissa Lynn Gee...
Some people have the beauty, some people have the brains- And some people have it all. Those are the people I'll be featuring here.
Here at Tattoodo, we love our babes. I think that's pretty obvious. Almost every day, there's another post about the hottest tattooed people of the day, week, whatever. And listen, don't get me wrong- I love looking at a gorgeous, half-naked tattooed lady or hunk just as much as the next guy- but I do, however, grow a little tired of seeing the same thing every day. At some point, I get tired of the surface- I want to know more. Who are these beautiful people? What do they do, you know, besides being hot? What are they actually about? It's easy to forget that these people are actually, you know, people, when they're so goddamn attractive. And that's where I come in.
I'm creating this series of posts in an effort to dive a little deeper into the lives of our favorite Tattoodo Babes and Dudes. Believe it or not, a lot of these beauties have a lot more going for them besides standing in front of a camera being unreasonably gorgeous- they're artists, creators, entrepreneurs, scholars, visionaries- and so much more. And I'm going to tell you all about them.
First up this week, is the #ladyboss behind the super sexy clothing brand, MoldieGoldies.
Melissa Lynn Gee, owner & designer of MoldieGoldies
Gee, modeling Moldiegoldies
"MoldieGoldies" is derived from the creator's full name- Melissa Lynn Gee. Often modeling her own pieces, Gee is not only a smoking hot, heavily tattooed babe- but also the incredible designer and seamstress behind the self-made brand that, while still fairly new in the world of fashion, has already taken vintage queens and biker babes far and wide by storm.
Gee's background in sewing stems from working and helping to run a custom swimwear shop with her mom in Austin, Texas. There, she and her mother hand-made all of the designs, start to finish- which is where she credits her killer sewing skills. All work and no play makes Melissa a badass seamstress.
As many of ours do, Gee's style differed from her mom's- and because of that, she began to design her own simpler, darker pieces that she felt would reach a different clientele than her mothers'- ultimately bringing some diversity to their customers and broadening their reach as a business. She made an online shop to help create traffic for their shop, and while she felt she was just making fairly simple styles- the response was huge. People were into it, and it got her wheels turning.
Gee, modeling Moldiegoldies
After daydreaming of breaking away from the shop, doing her own thing and being her own boss- she finally did it. She took the dive, moved to Salt Lake City, and decided to get serious about building her own brand. Thus, MoldieGoldies was officially born.
Gee, modeling Moldiegoldies
Gee has said that she loves texture and mesh, so she tries to use those elements in most of her designs- looking to 90s lingerie and rocker babes of the past for inspiration. Velvet, spandex, mesh- her line is any alternative babe's DREAM.
Which explains why we are constantly spotting some of our favorite ladies rocking the shit out of some MoldieGoldies. Alysha Nett, the ladies of Grit & Glory, Meg Girard- the list goes on and on- all proudly sport their badass pieces from MoldieGoldies and thus, it's popularity gains more and more speed each day. Babes supporting babes, ya'll. That's what it's all about.
Cally Jo modeling MoldieGoldies for Grit & Glory
Gee and fellow babes rocking MoldieGoldies
Gee is constantly cranking out new designs, and while MoldieGoldies is strictly an online business- the best way to keep up with her is via Instagram, @moldiegoldies. And to pick up your own pieces- whether for you, a lady friend, a man friend- you know, just generally anyone who wants to rock the hell out of some sick hand-made clothing- you can check out her website here.
Gee, modeling Moldiegoldies
Gee, modeling Moldiegoldies
Gee, modeling Moldiegoldies