Bold, Bright & Beautiful Realistic Tattoos by Steve Butcher

Bold, Bright & Beautiful Realistic Tattoos by Steve Butcher

Prepare to get your mind blown by these Bold, Bright & Realistic nature-inspired tattoos by talented tattooer, Steve Butcher.
This awesome tattooer knows how to butcher skin for good.... ;-)
Bold and bright tiger tattoo
Steve Butcher is a tattooer living in West Auckland, working alongside another talented tattooer, Matt Jordan at Matt Jordan's Ship Shape Tattoo studio.

Steve Butcher's style is finely detailed, and really kills it when it comes to fur! Damn that must be hard!
Realistic monkey Tattoos
Each animal, pet or nature-inspired tattoo look really bright & fresh on the skin.
Love the luminous effect of this rose, tattooed by no other than Steve butcher!
The water drops on this one - so awesome! Tattoo by Steve Butcher.
Like his exotic subjects, Steve Butcher's style is exotic on its own.
and like a Chameleon, his colors and rendition to each tattoo are versatile.
Steve Butcher
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