Bold, Bright and Solid Tattoos by Rob Benavides

Bold and powerful tattoos done by Rob Benavides, check them out!
Rob Benavides is a tattoo artist that was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. In 2006, Rob Benavides opened Flying Panther Tattoos in Golden Hill, near down town San Diego, CA. His works are bold, solid and timeless tattoos that are executed masterfully.
Check out these awesome tattoos by Rob Benavides:
Cholita girl head by Rob Benavides
Gorilla by Rob Benavides
Cool half-sleeve done by Rob Benavides
Sacred Heart tattoo done by Rob Benavides
Cholita and skull head tattoo done by Rob Benavides
Black and gray girl head tattoo by Rob Benavides
Awesome dead couple tattoo by Rob Benavides
Solid floral colored tattoos by Rob Benavides
All photos from Rob Benavides.Check out more from Rob Benavides: Instagram @gorillaboxer or his website.