Bold Geometric Tattoos By Brandon Crone

You will be mesmerized by the epic geometric tattoos of Brandon Crone!
Brandon Crone is an American tattoo artist based in Sedona, Arizona. He specializes in large scale geometric tattoos. His creations have indeed that badass ingredient. Brandon Crone uses sacred geometry, dotwork, blackwork as well as negative space effects. The result is breath-taking and elegant. If you love bold tattoos closed to perfection, be sure to follow Brandon Crone's work on Instagram.
Sacred geometry. #BrandonCrone
Badass chestpiece. #BrandonCrone
Intricate sleeve. #BrandonCrone
Exquisite piece. #BrandonCrone
Nice forearm. #BrandonCrone
Sweet mandala. tattoo. #BrandonCrone
Nice backpiece.
Indeed, Brandon Crone is famous for this impressive piece.
Stylish! #BrandonCrone
Nice effect.#BrandonCrone
Ornate sternum tattoo. #BrandonCrone
Dainty tattoo. #BrandonCrone
Cool design. #BrandonCrone
Intricate! #BrandonCrone
Brilliant geometric tattoo. #BrandonCrone
Make sure to follow Brandon Crone's work on Instagram.