Brendon McCullum Wears His Career On His Skin!

Brendon McCullum Wears His Career On His Skin!

Cricketer Brendon McCullum is a legend of the game and has put the highlights of his career into a tattoo!
New Zealand cricket player Brendon McCullum has captained his country in all three forms of the international game, broken numerous records and set plenty more, he's also the tattoo poster boy of cricket. McCullum's tattoos have become some of the most famous body art in the game and commemorate his impressive career, love of his family and patriotism.
Brendon McCullum
McCullum's most recognized tattoo is the design on his upper right arm and shoulder. Featuring a scroll containing the Roman numerals CXXVI (126 - his One Day International cap number), XLII (42 - his limited overs shirt number) the design is a tribute to some of his career highlights. Incorporated into the design by tattoo artist Zane Swanston are also the dates McCullum's children were born.
One Of Crickets Most Recognized Tattoos
"Some people have pictures on the walls of their homes. I'm not interested in that.  I have pictures on my body. The numbers represent something very special to me because I have always wanted to play cricket for my country." - McCullum
Perhaps the most practical of McCullum's tattoos is the wedding ring tattoo on his ring finger. Being unable to wear his wedding ring when playing cricket McCullum opted to get his ring finger tattooed so he would never be without a reminder of his marriage and love for his wife.
McCullum's Ring Tattoo
Unlike many other popular sports cricket has very few heavily tattooed players and McCullum has certainly been one to wave the tattoo flag, while likewise waving the flag for New Zealand. On his chest is bold silver fern tattoo that shows his Kiwi pride!
McCullum's Silver Fern Tattoo
With McCullum retired from international cricket you can't help but wonder if he'll get a new tattoo to commemorate his final match, we will have to wait and see.
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