Charming Surrealistic Tattoos By Dylan Kwok

Charming Surrealistic Tattoos By Dylan Kwok

Chinese tattoo artist Dylan Kwok is making the cutest blackwork tattoos out there!
To get an appointment with Dylan Kwok, you have to wait almost a year. But when you look at his portfolio, you know it is worth the wait... Based in Beijing, in China, the young tattoo artist is mastering engraving style tattoos. The defining feature of his work is a poetic surrealism. Dylan Kwok especially has a fondness for cats, and indeed, his cat tattoos are truly adorable! All of his tattoos are joyful and poetic, with great artistic effects. So if you want a tattoo that is unique, charming and outstanding, time and space are nothing! But if you can't wait, just check his Instagram page, he also shares gorgeous photos.
Odd tattoo inspired by an illustration by Shwa Keirstead.
Dylan Kwok is making the cutest surrealistic tattoos!
Some fun with Boticelli...
Unique tattoo of an horse's reflection on water.
That's a... huge tree.
Lovely Japanese cat.
Incredible miniature stamp!
What a cutie!
Fancy black hole.
Beautiful scissors.
Sensual and artistic.
Dylan does the best cat tattoos!
Gorgeous clouds!