Checkout Gold Rush's Tony Beets New Dredge Tattoo!

Checkout Gold Rush's Tony Beets New Dredge Tattoo!

Miner and Gold Rush reality star Tony Beets has got a new tattoo, and it's of his million-dollar dredge!
Discovery reality show Gold Rush follows the mining of gold placer deposits found in the Yukon Territory, Canada and the various teams and people that do the mining. A hit TV show the program has had a few breakout personalities, one of them being miner Tony Beets, and as Gold Rush fans will know Beets is rather fond of his million-dollar dredge.
Tony Beets
The 75-year-old, 350-ton bucket dredge is Beets pride and joy and a significant part of his operations. Nicknamed 'The Viking' the dredge is an industrial bucket dredge built way back in 1939 and was bought by Beets during the 5th Season of Gold Rush. Impressively before its purchase 'The Viking' hadn't run in nearly 30 years, but with a little love from Beets it became the only operational bucket dredge in North America! In its prime the dredge ran for 22 years, catching $55million in gold. After Beets bought it, it immediately returned to form catching $5 million in gold!
Beets' Dredge In Its Prime!
With the dredge reeling in the profits Beets decided to return the favor and show his prized possession some love in the form of a tattoo, yep he got 'The Viking' immortalized in ink!
Beets' New Dredge Tattoo!
Tattooed in a three-hour session at Rock N Robyn tattoos in Maricopa, Arizona, 'The Viking' shall be carried with Beets for the rest of his life. Interestingly it's not his only tattoo, he also has the names of his wife and four children tattooed on him! The dredge tattoo, however, is most definitely the eye-catcher of the bunch. What do you think of it?
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