Childminder Gets Suicide/Execution-Themed Tattoos!

Bodyshockers follow London-based childminder Sara getting rather macabre tattoos which just might ruin her career.
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This is Sara, a 22-year-old woman from London who works as a childminder. She happens to be a big fan of tattoos too, often jumping into her tattoo decisions in the spur of the moment. ‘I get cravings for them, something inside me says “I really need to have a tattoo,”’ she told Bodyshockers, who followed Sara on her way to making another crazy tattoo idea happen.
Sarah plans to get suicide and execution-themed tattoos with the ironic words, “Hang in there” and “Keep your chin up” despite the nature of her job.
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It all started after a heated row with her sister, Ellie, over who consumed the most mashed potatoes, the two girls refused to speak to one another and had to be sent to separate rooms by their mum. Ellie initiated the first move to make up with her sister by slipping drawings with a taste for dark humour for Sara to see. When Sara eventually found them, she can't help but find them wildly amusing.
‘It broke the ice, it worked better than I thought it would as it was hilarious,’ Ellie described how well the drawings worked as peace offerings. It worked so well that Sara considered getting the drawings tattooed on her.  ‘I never thought she would use them as tattoos. I think it is a brilliant idea but at the same time slightly crazy,’ Ellie added.
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Their mother, Sheila, is already a pretty chill mum considering she runs one of the local pubs but still ended up being horrified by her daughter's decision. ‘Why would you want to do this on your body? For what reasons? Look at the state of you anyway!’ Sheila told her 22-year-old daughter, trying to talk her out of the tattoo. ‘I worry for your future, look at the bigger picture,’ Sheila further warned Sara.
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Even Bodyshockers host Katie Piper tried Sara against getting the morbid sketches. Especially when Katie found out that Sara works as a childminder. ‘I understand where you are coming from but that is thinking about it too much. I don't think it will affect my career. I don't know how I will feel in ten years time but I think I will be fine,’ Sara assured Katie.
‘I would say the hangman one is a tree and flowers coming off the tree. I don't know what I would say about the other one,’ Sara responded when asked how she would answer if ever a child she looks after at work wonders what the images on her legs meant.
‘I did find meeting Sara almost funny, I couldn't believe what she did for a living. She says they are comedy tattoos so to her it is all one big laugh but I don't know how sensible it is to have a private joke tattooed permanently on you,’ Katie commented after a chat with Sara.
‘She is very good at living in the moment but sometimes that can be detrimental and I hope she won't live to regret them,’ the Bodyshockers host added.
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“Probably I am going a step too far with this tattoo but oh well,” Sara admitted.
Sara did show one of the parents she works for one time and asked what they think of the tattoo design and as expected, it didn't particularly go too well. ‘If she wants me to cover them up I am not going to work for her any more,’ Sara recalled.
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In the end, Sara decided that she'll live her life the way she liked to. If ever she will regret the inkings, it will all still be up to her to decide. ‘If I sat here and worried about everything that might happen I would never do anything and that is not the way I am comfortable with living.’
‘I understand how it might affect my job a little and how people feel about my tattoos but I think it is the way you look at things not the way other people look at things you take into consideration,’ Sarah said.
The 22-year-old childminder ended up getting the tattoos done anyway, ecstatic after seeing the results. ‘If people take offence and don't want me to work for them any more I will work for someone else. It won't stress me out,’ she told Bodyshockers. ‘Maybe I need to do this, make a mistake and fix it later and then I will learn from it,’ she added.