Clever Scenery Tattoos By Kevin Ray

Clever Scenery Tattoos By Kevin Ray

These awesome scenery tattoos within tattoos made by Kevin Ray are definitely a must have for some collectors!
Kevin Ray is a tattoo artist from Archdale, NC. Kevin Ray's tattoos are not restricted to scenery tattoos, he does awesome color and black and gray tattoo works too. The well thought composition and layout of his work makes the designs look great as a tattoo.
Scenery tattoo #KevinRay
Awesome rapids tattoo #KevinRay
Cool fishing scene tattoo #KevinRay
Falls tattoo #KevinRay
Clean line work and shading on this tattoo by Kevin Ray
Detail of work #KevinRay
Check out the frame and leaves on this tattoo #KevinRay
Awesome pirate ship #KevinRay
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