Colorful Surreal Portrait Tattoos by David Cote

Colorful Surreal Portrait Tattoos by David Cote

Surreal and awesome: Brilliant and cleverly done color portrait tattoos by David Cote!
David Cote is a tattooer that specializes in brilliant colored tattooing. His designs have that contemporary surreal look to them, but David Cote's work never lacks the solid aspect of tattooing that makes the image hold up nicely on skin. David Cote is not restricted to tattooing portraits, he also does awesome custom surreal tattoos of different subject matter.
Dr. Dre tattoo by David Cote
Clever and creative portrait tattoo by David Cote.
Is this Elvis? Tattoo by David Cote
Salvador Dali hand tattoo by David Cote
Ice Cube tattoo by David Cote
Jay Z tattoo by David Cote
Shiva portrait by David Cote
MODERN JESUS by David Cote
Drake tattoo by David Cote, this one made me laugh! Solid tattooing though.
Check out the awesome images on the hair area. Tattoo by David Cote.
Bowie tattoo by David Cote
Tupac Shakur tattoo by David Cote
Bruce Lee tattoo by David Cote
All photos from David Cote.IG: @thedavidcote
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