Come As You Are With These Sick Nirvana Tattoos

Come As You Are With These Sick Nirvana Tattoos

Let's celebrate one of the best bands to have emerged from the 90's with these tribute tattoos of Nirvana fans.
If that doesn't smell like the only song you know then step right up and come join us in a Nirvana tattoo fest with these tattoos from devoted grunge fans. As hyped as they are by the nasty media, nobody can take away how much of a gift the band Nirvana is to music. Many found themselves through it and you can't just deny how much of a contribution the band gave in the grunge period along with bands like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden.
That said, let's all just be fans and enjoy the music as much as we can without being stuck-up assholes or anything. Grunge is dead but like music, these tattoos are for life
by Tintent Tattoo
by Cody Dresser
by Sam Riera Cole
by Rachel Ritchie
by Kaets Tattoo
by Craig Blankley
by Jamie Lee Knott
by @james_tattooist/Instagram
by Amy Unalome Tattoo
by Steve Wade
by Gabbi Vasquez
by Ivy Lavelle
Simona's handwritten Nirvana tattoo
by Talitha Kukk
by Kristina Darmaeva
by Donna Klein
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