Conceptual Female Portraits By Dave Paulo

If you are craving for creative realistic portaits of beautiful women, check the work of Dave Paulo!

Many tattoo artists masters realistic portraits, but if you admire the skills, they can lack of creativity. Dave Paulo hasn't made a choice between technique and art. Indeed, he combines jaw-dropping realistic color tattoos with visually breath-taking graphic effects. Based in Portugal, this tattoo artist has gained international recognition with his conceptual female portraits. He is also travelling the world to make a clean sweep off in tattoo conventions' contests...

Hypnotizing eyes! DavePaulo
Hypnotizing eyes! #DavePaulo
Creative DavePaulo
Creative #DavePaulo


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    Tempting nun. DavePaulo
    Tempting nun. #DavePaulo
    Vibrant colors! DavePaulo
    Vibrant colors! #DavePaulo

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    Gorgeous rose. DavePaulo
    Gorgeous rose. #DavePaulo
    Horror piece. DavePaulo
    Horror piece. #DavePaulo
    Mash-up style. DavePaulo
    Mash-up style. #DavePaulo
    Creepy! DavePaulo
    Creepy! #DavePaulo
    Rad effect! DavePaulo
    Rad effect! #DavePaulo
    Gorgeous bird! DavePaulo
    Gorgeous bird! #DavePaulo
    Fascinating eye. DavePaulo
    Fascinating eye. #DavePaulo
    Enticing look... DavePaulo
    Enticing look... #DavePaulo
    So many different styles. DavePaulo
    So many different styles. #DavePaulo
    Amazing... DavePaulo
    Amazing... #DavePaulo
    Superb. DavePaulo
    Superb. #DavePaulo
    Creative details. DavePaulo
    Creative details. #DavePaulo
    Fantastic! DavePaulo
    Fantastic! #DavePaulo
    Lana del Rey tribute. DavePaulo
    Lana del Rey tribute. #DavePaulo
    Blue girl. DavePaulo
    Blue girl. #DavePaulo
    Check the portfolio of Dave Paulo for more incredible art... DavePaulo
    Check the portfolio of Dave Paulo for more incredible art... #DavePaulo

    If you want to admire more of his work, check him on Instagram and Facebook.



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