Creative Negative Space Tattoo Ideas

Creative Negative Space Tattoo Ideas

If you have fallen in love with this epic concept and looking for negative space tattoo ideas, we have your back!

Negative space tattoos are one raging trend. With their unique and clever look, they put creativity to another level. You love the concept and want something cool on your skin? Then, you should grab some interesting negative space tattoo ideas from the artists that make them.

A recognizable design highlighted by vegetal adornement. By Camille Tattoo.
Most of negative space tattoos are based on the contrast between black ink and skin. But your tattoo doesn't have to be black. Actually, it works with colored ink too and even if not as bold, watercolor negative space designs are gorgeous too!
A clever minimalistic design. By Cooley.
If you love black, you have many options. You can pick the badass black tint-areas or prefer more delicate shades, with dotwork, linework and black and grey designs. It is all about suggesting something that is not drawn. In the examples we have selected, you can find tips and ideas for unique negative space tattoo ideas...
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Making the most of dotwork and linework. By Elilien Vergara.
Playing well with ornamental tattoos. By Guy le tatooer.
For the minimalism's lovers... By Ilya Brezinski.
Good for watercolor tattoos. By Kym Munster.
For bold hand tattoos. By Laura Yahna.
Telling stories with few ink. By Martynas Šnioka.
Cool idea for dotwork and hand-poked palm tattoos. Please credit.
Giving a twist to an elaborated design. By Piotr Bemben.
Adding genius to geometric tattoos. By Victor L. Webster.
Xoil can gives you many negative space tattoo ideas...
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