Dark Realistic Tattoos By Julien Thibers

Get to know the badass realism and sense of humor of French tattoo artist Julien Thibers...

Julien Thibers is based at Clockwork Needle tattoo studio in Epinal, France. Also a painter, he masters black and grey as well as colored realism. His tattoos are often dark, inspired by horror culture and biomechanical art. Julien Thibers does impressive Japanese inspired large scale tattoos too. He recently released a video of a free hand tattoo that combines his talent and French sense of humor!

Rad skull tattoo JulienThibers
Rad skull tattoo #JulienThibers
Gorgeous Catwoman sleeve tattoo JulienThibers
Gorgeous Catwoman sleeve tattoo #JulienThibers
God Dionysos tattoo JulienThibers
God Dionysos tattoo #JulienThibers
Portrait with Art Nouveau style JulienThibers
Portrait with Art Nouveau style #JulienThibers

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Lana del Rey portrait tattoo JulienThibers
Lana del Rey portrait tattoo #JulienThibers
Great composition JulienThibers
Great composition #JulienThibers
Gorgeous hand tattoo...JulienThibers
Gorgeous hand tattoo...#JulienThibers
Epic piece...JulienThibers
Epic piece...#JulienThibers
Dia de los Muertos portrait JulienThibers
Dia de los Muertos portrait #JulienThibers
Awesome colorful tattoo JulienThibers
Awesome colorful tattoo #JulienThibers
Creepy tattoo skull angel tattoo JulienThibers
Creepy tattoo skull angel tattoo #JulienThibers
Native skull.
Native skull.
Badass Hannya mask... JulienThibers
Badass Hannya mask... #JulienThibers
Rad WIP... JulienThibers
Rad WIP... #JulienThibers
Gorgeous piece JulienThibers
Gorgeous piece #JulienThibers
Superb portrait JulienThibers
Superb portrait #JulienThibers
Dark composition JulienThibers
Dark composition #JulienThibers
Amazing hand tattoo JulienThibers
Amazing hand tattoo #JulienThibers

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