Delightful Small Tattoos By Sol Tattoo

If you love exquisite miniature tattoos, you will definitely fall for the art of Sol Tattoo.

Based in Seoul, in South Korea, Sol is one of these Asian tattoo artists specialized in subtle and delicate tattoos. Her creations are often very small, sometimes even almost unnoticeable. Sol Tattoo's designs are inspired by dainty watercolors and nature. Flowers and cute pets are a great part of her portfolio. If you are in love with this Korean minimalistic trend, you will adore the discreet and lovely work of Sol Tattoo.

Subtle flower tattoo SolTattoo
Subtle flower tattoo #SolTattoo
Three cute kitties SolTattoo
Three cute kitties #SolTattoo


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    Klimt's Kiss tattoo SolTattoo
    Klimt's Kiss tattoo #SolTattoo
    Metatron tattoo SolTattoo
    Metatron tattoo #SolTattoo

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    Another adorable cat tattoo SolTattoo
    Another adorable cat tattoo #SolTattoo
    Sweet cat tattoo SolTattoo
    Sweet cat tattoo #SolTattoo
    Dainty SolTattoo
    Dainty #SolTattoo
    Discreet SolTattoo
    Discreet #SolTattoo
    Charming SolTattoo
    Charming #SolTattoo
    A pair of furry friends SolTattoo
    A pair of furry friends #SolTattoo
    Poetic whale SolTattoo
    Poetic whale #SolTattoo
    Art Nouveau lady SolTattoo
    Art Nouveau lady #SolTattoo
    Elegant rose SolTattoo
    Elegant rose #SolTattoo
    Dainty tattoo SolTattoo
    Dainty tattoo #SolTattoo
    Full moon SolTattoo
    Full moon #SolTattoo
    Lovely colorful flower tattoo SolTattoo
    Lovely colorful flower tattoo #SolTattoo
    Cosmic wolf SolTattoo
    Cosmic wolf #SolTattoo
    Exquisite vegetal garter by Sol Tattoo
    Exquisite vegetal garter by Sol Tattoo

    For more small and delicate tattoos, check her Facebook and Instagram.



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