Dreamy Surrealistic Tattoos by Anzo Choi

Dreamy Surrealistic Tattoos by Anzo Choi

Hong Kong tattoo artist Anzo Choi is getting us all mesmerized with his dreamy, surrealistic tattoos played up with the loveliest colors.
Hardly a tramp stamp.
While the tattoo scene is booming in America and in Europe, don't think the Asians aren't catching up as fast with the raging contemporary tattoo styles. In fact, they're doing their own thing and stepping up their games. You've gotten to know some of the finest from South Korea, now you're about to meet one kicking artist from Hong Kong.
Anzo Choi/Hello Tattoo
Anzo Choi is a tattooer from Hong Kong and the owner of the Hello Tattoo, his headquarters. He currently tattoos at Hello Tattoo along with Zoe and Mini, who used to be his apprentice. The young artist studied tattoo technology in Shenzen, China and Edmonton, Canada. Upon returning to Hong Kong, Anzo started tattooing full-time in 2012 under premier tattoo master, ZJ Tattoo before opening his own shop in 2015.
A keyhole into the galaxy
A reoccurring element in Anzo's works is the galaxy. With the hordes of galaxy-inspired tattoos that are surfacing these days, Anzo gives us a fresh take on an already overused theme without overdoing it.
Anzo's ice cream cone
He has this dreamy touch on his works which he plays up with lovely pastel colors. He makes these things shine. Looking at his tattoos honestly makes me see a little magic in them. One may simply associate his style with neotraditional but there's just something about Anzo's tattoos that set his works apart from the rest.
Anzo's swallow
Intertwined hands by Anzo Choi
Sailor Moon silhouette by Anzo Choi
Anzo's surrealistic whale
Girl on an inverted cross by Anzo Choi
Pot leaf by Anzo Choi
Surrealistic shark drawing by Anzo Choi
Ship in a snowglobe by Anzo Choi
Deer with a rose by Anzo Choi
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Love Till Death piece by Anzo Choi
Anzo's siamese fawns
Anzo's Egyprian cat couple tattoos
Anzo's deer with a rose
Anzo's skull on a rose
Cat knee tattoo by Anzo Choi
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