Elegant Black Work Tattoos by Yuuz

Elegant Black Work Tattoos by Yuuz

These elegant and bold black tattoos by Yuuz really catches the eye with the strength of black pigment!
Yuuz is a tattoo artist from Seoul, Korea. He owns and tattoos at Noir de Flower, also located in Seoul. Yuuz is a tattooer who specializes in black work tattoos. Yuuz's subject matter are mostly tattoo classics such as Japanese and American style.
Neck peony tattoo by Yuuz
Tiger and Hawk on forearms by Yuuz
Hannya on foot by Yuuz
Bold black back cover up by Yuuz
Awesome linework hand tattoo by Yuuz.
Snake on stomach tattoo by Yuuz.
Cool snake tattoo by Yuuz.
Awesome owl chest tattoo by Yuuz.
3-eyed raven tattoo by Yuuz.
Goldfish foot tattoo by Yuuz.
All photos from Yuuz @yuuz_noir
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