Embrace Some Cult Comedy With Red Dwarf Tattoos!

Embrace Some Cult Comedy With Red Dwarf Tattoos!

British comedies don't come much bigger or better than Red Dwarf, so celebrate a classic series with some Red Dwarf tattoos!
First aired between 1988 and 1993 and from 1997 to 1999 Red Dwarf is a classic British comedy that has gained a large and dedicated cult following. Centered on 'the adventures of the last human alive (Lister) and his friends, (hologram Arnold Rimmer, the Cat and android Kryten) stranded three million years into deep space on the mining ship Red Dwarf'. An off the wall style comedy Red Dwarf is driven by its iconic characters and is popular as it has ever been. Some dedicated fans even show their love of the show in ink!
Red Dwarf tattoos celebrate the best of the show and feature its characters in their most known forms. A mixture of sci-fi and comedy Red Dwarf tattoos are an entertaining tattoo choice that will show off your inner nerd and embrace cult comedy at its best! Take a look at these awesome Red Dwarf tattoos and enjoy!
Red Dwarf Tattoo by Dale Winter
Arnold Rimmer Tattoo by @tattoos_by_dcain
Lister Tattoo by Guy Tinsley
Red Dwarf Tattoo by Rachel Honeywell
Kryten Tattoo by Ian Parkin
Red Dwarf Tattoo by Twisted Chilli Tattoo Studio
Red Dwarf Tattoo by Chris Hatch
Lister Tattoo by Jordan Baker
Arnold Rimmer Tattoo by Nick Imms
Red Dwarf Tattoo by @undead_briggs