Endearing Nature Tattoos By Elena Belyaykina

Endearing Nature Tattoos By Elena Belyaykina

Russian tattoo artist Elena Belyaykina creates adorable and elegant nature tattoos...
Based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, the young Elena Belyaykina is using her neo traditional skills to create charming tattoos. Her sweet compositions are a real tribute to nature, animal kingdom and the beauty of vegetals. Adorable and friendly animals are often associated with elegant flowers and plants. The colors chosen by Elena Belyaykina are always exquisite. These are tattoos made to last, and to adorn bodies with refinement... See more delicate tattoos made by the Russian artist on her Instagram page.
Cat love.
Cute squirrel by Elena Belyaykina
Happy bear.
Charming matching pieces. By Elena Belyaykina
Flowery locket.
Elegant flying fish by Elena Belyaykina
Fancy whale.
Gorgeous fox.
Amazing composition.
Adorable pair by Elena Belyaykina
Another endearing cat.
Pretty birdie by Elena Belyaykina
And another one.
Charming one by Elena Belyaykina
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