Epic Geometric Dotwork By Mark Nara

Epic Geometric Dotwork By Mark Nara

Tattoo artist Mark Nara creates mythological dotwork and epic sacred geometry tattoos!
Get the mark of Nara on your body... Based in Sydney, Australia, Mark Nara does therapeutic tattooing. Indeed, his tattoos are full of spirituality and sacred inspirations. He adorns bodies with impressive large scale dotwork. His designs, inspired by sacred geometry, hinduism and buddhism, are breath-taking. If you believe tattoo art is an exchange of energy and can heal, you will be interested in the work of Mark Nara. If you don't... well, at least you should be impressed by his jaw-dropping skills!
Fibonnaci ankle tattoo #MarkNara
Bold top of the head #MarkNara
Charming... #MarkNara
Cool tribute to Alex Grey.
Elegant eagle #MarkNara
Dainty wrist #MarkNara
Just lovely! #MarkNara
Awesome! #MarkNara
Superb. #MarkNara
Amazing nape tattoo! #MarkNara
Great matching tattoos. #MarkNara
Trippin'! #MarkNara
Badass #MarkNara
Gorgeous! #MarkNara
Epic Ganesh tattoo... can you see the cute little mouse?
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