Eye-Catching Heart Tattoos By Mors Tattoo

Eye-Catching Heart Tattoos By Mors Tattoo

These heart tattoos by Mors Tattoo are really quite something, bold and beautiful you simply can't beat them!
Heart tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, from the classic cartoon heart and banner to the more detailed anatomical heart designs, and then there's the heart tattoos of Mors Tattoo. Combining anatomical hearts with old school style and flair Mors has created some brilliant heart tattoos that standout from the rest. Not just content with the hearts alone Mors also throws in some sweet scenic designs as well as some bold eyes and roses!
Tattooing from La Main Bleue Mors is one of the best tattoo artists of the day and these eye-catching heart tattoos offer you a glimpse of their talents. Be sure to follow them over on Instagram to see more of their awesome work, but right now enjoy the brilliance of these Mors heart tattoos!!
Mors Tattoo Heart Stencils
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