Fans Think Kyrie Irving Has Joined The Illuminati With New Tattoo!

Fans Think Kyrie Irving Has Joined The Illuminati With New Tattoo!

Cleveland Cavaliers Kyrie Irivng has got his fans thinking he's joined the Illuminati because of his tattoo!
23 year-old NBA star Kyrie Irving has made a name for himself playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, claiming awards as the 2011–12 NBA Rookie of the Year and the 2014 NBA All-Star game MVP. He also boasts a number of tattoos on his chest and arms, one of which has caused quite the debate among fans and conspiracy theorists alike!
Irving's New Tattoo Has Been Dubbed An Illuminati Design!
Irving's Tattoos
In a recent game Irving unveiled a new Hamsa Hand tattoo on his left upper arm. The Hamsa is an open right hand and is held as a sign of protection that also represents blessings, power and strength, it is likewise seen as potent in deflecting the evil eye. Irving's tattoo additionally features an eye, in the form of the 'All Seeing Eye', within the Hamsa. Traditionally the 'all seeing eye' is believed to be a symbol of the Illuminati, and of course with the internet being the conspiracy theory haven that it is.. it didn't take long before Irving's new tattoo branded him a member of the secretive organization...
Illuminati Confirmed??...NO!
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So has Irving joined the Illuminati? Probably not, and if he had would he really announce it with a new tattoo which millions would see, it seems very unlikely. NBA fans can therefore rest assured that Irving will not be part of any Illuminati revolution and instead will be sticking to the courts!