Fantastic Realism By Aleksandr O'kharin

Fantastic Realism By Aleksandr O'kharin

If you love mind-blowing realistic tattoos, you need to see the work of Aleksandr O'kharin...
Aleksandr O'kharin (also known as Sasha) is a Russian tattoo artist from Saint Petersburg. He is working at Blackout tattoo collective. And, well, he has got mad skills... Creating incredible photo-realistic portraits, he masters badass compositions and 3D effects. His tattoos are always epic and stunning... And as an appetizer, you can check these amazing pieces tattooed by Aleksandr O'kharin now!
Great piece, black and white tattoo by Aleksandr O'kharin
Rad snake filler!
Impressive realism portrait
Epic Thor/Captain America battle tattoo
Realistic vintage car tattoo by Aleksandr O'kharin
Colorful badass tiger tattoo
Awesome portrait by Aleksandr O'kharin
Awesome warrior tattoo
Aleksandr O'kharin masters cool compositions.
Sexy femme fatale tattoo
Enticing darling...
Terrific, abstract tattoo
Gorgeous David Bowie tribute tattoo
Offbeat piece.
Wonderful Africa tattoo.
Cool biker chick.
Awesome Scarlett Johanson tattoo!
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