Fantasy Blackwork By Daniel Baczewski

Discover the charms of figurative blackwork with the work of Daniel Baczewski.

Tattoo artist Daniel Baczewski is working at InkDependent Tattoo studio in Edinburgh, Scotland. His refined use of dotwork is giving his figurative blackwork tattoos an additional charm. He brings romanticism to skull tattoos and badassery to animal designs. Between neo traditional themes and pop culture, his tattoos are worth a look.

Epic King Kong vs Godzilla pieces! DanielBaczewski
Epic King Kong vs Godzilla pieces! #DanielBaczewski
Solid dotwork DanielBaczewski
Solid dotwork #DanielBaczewski


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    Badass octopus piece... DanielBaczewski
    Badass octopus piece... #DanielBaczewski
    Adorable ice-cream eating bunny... DanielBaczewski
    Adorable ice-cream eating bunny... #DanielBaczewski

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    Beautiful hawk DanielBaczewski
    Beautiful hawk #DanielBaczewski
    Brilliant owl tattoo...DanielBaczewski
    Brilliant owl tattoo...#DanielBaczewski
    Alice in Wonderland sleeve in progress DanielBaczewski
    Alice in Wonderland sleeve in progress #DanielBaczewski
    Sick skull... DanielBaczewski
    Sick skull... #DanielBaczewski
    Daniel Baczewski also does awesome realistic tattoos DanielBaczewski
    Daniel Baczewski also does awesome realistic tattoos #DanielBaczewski
    Another lovely owl DanielBaczewski
    Another lovely owl #DanielBaczewski
    Poetic whale tattoo DanielBaczewski
    Poetic whale tattoo #DanielBaczewski
    Gorgeous detail DanielBaczewski
    Gorgeous detail #DanielBaczewski
    Rad piece! DanielBaczewski
    Rad piece! #DanielBaczewski
    Amazing deer skull DanielBaczewski
    Amazing deer skull #DanielBaczewski
    Superb tattoo DanielBaczewski
    Superb tattoo #DanielBaczewski
    Sweet birds DanielBaczewski
    Sweet birds #DanielBaczewski

    Get to see more sketches and tattoos by Daniel Baczewski on his Instagram page.



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